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Web Development Course

In the age of the internet, a quick tap on a search engine yields results from millions and millions of web pages and sites. Everything, from shoppers, employment, handling businesses to education and the media, has been digitised. This has paved the way for an exciting and rewarding career: web development! And to cater to this career, Trublaz offers a wonderful course right here in Rohini, Delhi.

Web development is work that refers to tasks involved in developing a web site to be hosted by the intranet/internet. Web development processes include a range of varying work from developing a page of plain text to web-based internet applications that require complex coding, electronic businesses, and social network services. It also includes web development processes that are engaged in creating designs, content, scripting etc amongst other, equally interesting work.

We here at Trulabz Technologies recognise the high demand for web developers. And so does virtually every scientific research study conducted in the past five years! The scope for work in web development is so huge that it is said that there will be a supply shortage in web development for years even with increasing number of people choosing to become developers! That means an inexhaustible source of solid employment. The course Trulabz Technologies has built is the ultimate guide to the workings of web development.

Everything from basic understanding of scripts such as HTML, CSS, and Java, to new discoveries and innovations in the world of web development will be at your fingertips with the web development course at Trulabz Technologies! Apply now!

After Web Development - Career Opportunities

1.Web Developer

2.Multimedia programmer

3.SEO specialist

4.UX designer

5.UX researcher


Course Duration: 12 Months
Prerequisite: None
Batches : Weekdays/Weekends
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