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Software Testing Course

One might ask, ‘How does a course in Software testing going to work miracles on my profile as an employment seeking individual?’ Trulabz Technologies has the answer.

Software testing is a process of an investigation that is conducted to evaluate the functionality of a software application. The purpose of software testing is to provide information about the quality of a software product/ service and to confirm that basic requirements in demand are met. It is a necessary part of determining whether a software can be used. A software cannot be released prior to testing, making this process that of the utmost importance. To have access to the workings of software testing and development this becomes an important prerequisite to a number of jobs. It adds to an individual's profile and uplifts it to another level.

To help you build not just a career but a solid background in Software testing, Trulabz Technologies is the perfect option. A course suited to all these needs in Rohini, Delhi. Trulabz Technologies leads the way with mentors who are experienced professionals who unfold various industry chapters and worked with reputable organizations like IIT Bombay, IIT Gandhinagar, IIT Roorkee, IIST, Eureka and many more. It is a perfect opportunity to advance your skills and ultimately your career! With a software testing course like the one Trulabz Technologies offers, you will accomplish unprecedented growth in your knowledge of software testing.

After Software Testing - Career Opportunities

1.Software Tester

2.Senier Test Engineer

3.Test Manager

4.Security Tester

5.Test Consultant



Course Duration: 2 Months
Prerequisite: None
Batches : Weekdays/Weekends
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