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From all the courses expertly run and managed by Trulabz Technologies, Hadoop development is one that is both exciting and challenging. A skill set rooted in dealing with big data and complex computer codes, Hadoop development is a shining star in the profiles of the highest earning tech professionals. A job that comes with challenges and prestige is what the country in Hadoop development at Trulabz Technologies prepares you for, right here in Rohini, Delhi.

First, a little bit on Hadoop itself. Hadoop is an open-source platform built on the Linux operating system and the JavaScript. It is used for storing data and running applications as well as processing and analysing data sets of a large volume. Hadoop is used to develop Big Data applications. The provisions offered by Hadoop includes huge storage for any kind of data, massive processing power and the ability to handle virtually any number of concurrent tasks. Since it is based on Java, it is required for individuals operating Hadoop to learn Java.

Some of the skills required for Hadoop developer job and which we will be covering in our course here at Trulabz Technologies include: familiarity with Hadoop framework, expert knowledge of Hadoop HDFS, Hive, Pig, Flume and Sqoop, and skills in writing high-quality, highly optimised, high performance and maintainable codes for big data solutions.

This course is unparalleled in the knowledge it offers. Trulabz Technologies is known for its unique outlook on technological education. Build to take you to new heights, the course in Hadoop development is as good as it comes. Apply now!

After Hadoop - Career Opportunities

1.Business Intelligence Professionals

2.Software Developers and Architects

3.Analytics Professionals

4.Aspiring Data Scientists

5.Data Management Professionals



Course Duration: 6 Months
Prerequisite: None
Batches : Weekdays/Weekends
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