Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking Course

Ethical Hacking, a term which correlates with Ethical Hacker and both of these terms points towards hacking performed by a company or individual to help identify potential threats on a network or a computer. An ethical hacker attempts to surpass the system security and seeks for any weak point which can lead to a clean way to access the data and potentials of that server or computer.

How is Ethical Hacking different from normal Hacking?

In a casual case a hacker tries to weak the potential security of the network or computer but in Ethical Hacking, there are various things which a hacker keeps in concern like to respect the privacy of that individual or company, not to leave any open end to allow someone else to exploit the source, to let the developer know about any security vulnerabilities, you locate in their software or hardware, if they are not already known by the company and much more an ethical hacker needs to keep in mind.

Nowadays people calls a hacker as a computer criminal or cyber criminal, however, the work which a hacker provides to a company of individual is just to enhance the security system which leads to a beneficial one.

Ethical Hacking courses are having a good scope in future, as a number of harms to any security server will get increased day by day and to fix these bugs everyone will need a person who can enhance their security system and for that, an ethical hacker will serve and will charge in big units.

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Course Duration: 2 Month
Prerequisite: None
Batches : Weekdays
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