Robotics (9-12)

Robotics 9 - 12 Course

Overview of Robotics 9-12

Robotics for grade 9-12 is advance level of level in which to should have prior knowledge of different languages which are really important in writing the programs. Languages like C++, JavaScript, visual Basic or HTML.  You require an application program to convert high level code into machine code for every language.  Making a robot means you should give him whole information because robot can’t be smarter than the program installed in it.

They will be introduced to a introduced to a programming language called ROBOTC. It is written for different platforms like Lego, VEX, and Arduino microcontrollers. It also allows you to learn C based programming used in advanced education and professional application.

You should be very careful while programming and coding the robot as if uppercase letter and lowercase letter are replaced than too it’s an error.

Why this course?

Trulabz technologies offer this wonderful course which makes an individual interested towards it as teaching style of trulabz technologies is very different from other institutions. Trulanz technologies offer you placement in different multinational companies in which you can earn from the knowledge you have. Tulabz technologies is the best option if you want to move ahead in career in robotics.All of that right here in the Robotics 9-12 course in Rohini, Delhi.

After Robotics - Job Opportunities

1.Robotics Account Manager


3.Software Developer


5.Robotics Engineer


Course Duration: 1 Month
Prerequisite: None
Batches : Weekdays/Weekends
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