Robotics ( 5-8)

Robotics 5-8 Course 

What is robotics?

It is a branch of engineering that involves the design, manufacture, conception and operation of robots. Mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, information engineering, computer science and other types of engineering are included in this field. It also requires computer system for control, sensory feedback and information processing.

Uses of robotics.

Nowadays robotics is becoming very important in everybody’s day to day life. People who are physically unstable can become stable by artificial robotic arm or leg below knee or functioning hands. Robotics is an essential part of military too, they are not serving in wars but they are important part of it. Through robots exploring space is also becoming easier. Recently rocket also reached to mars moreover looking forward to explore more.

Robotics at Trulabz Technologies

Trulabz technologies offer a professional course for robotics. After getting trained from Trulabz Technologies you get advanced skilled in robotics as it offers you the best. After that you also get high experience in robotics and become confident in that stream. If you want to enjoy the benefits of learning all these wonderful skills which will advance your career, sign up today for the Robotics 5-8 course in Rohini, Delhi.

After Robotics 5-8 - Job Opportunities

1.Robotics Account Manager


3.Software Developer


5.Robotics Engineer


Course Duration: 1 Month
Prerequisite: None
Batches : Weekdays/Weekends
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