Tally ERP.9 + GST

What is it?

Tally ERP is an accounting software. Its services include accounting, recording purchase, sales payroll , manufacturing, cash flow, etc. it also help to calculate the GST (goods and service tax). If you wish to take your tax process and savings to the next level, sign up for Tally ERP 9 – GST course in Rohini , Delhi. today!

About tally ERP 9

It specifically helps in all the finance related calculation of the business. It is easier way to manage cash keeping profits in mind, as well as back up for losses if they are incurred. All systems can support this software which includes windows 7, windows vista, windows XP, windows 2000, windows 8 and all others, which means that you don’t have to specifically install any specific system for this software.

Features of Tally ERP 9

ERP stands for enterprise resource planning, which makes the entrepreneur manage the business in a easier and much more efficient way. Tally is very simple and flexible to use which makes it adjustable according to the business. It also calculates and to files GST return automatically. Learning the software is also very easy so you don’t require a special knowledge to understand it. It is a real time processing job as it saves lot of time of the employee as it automatically  generate reports, invoices, bills, etc.  This software is so flexible that it allows you to choose whatever language you prefer and all languages which are spoken in India are feed in it.

After Tally ERP.9 + GST - Career Opportunities

1.Accounts Executive

2.Audit Executive

3.Financial Analyst

4.Account Manager

5.Senior Accountant


Course Duration: 3 Months
Prerequisite: None
Batches : Weekend/Weekdays
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