Data Analytics

Data Analytics Course in Rohini 

This course offered by Trulabz Technologies successfully addresses the ways in which large sets of data can be practically managed and analyzed. A perfect course for a potential data scientist, to study data mining and large data set applications in a great detail. In the corporate world today data analyses is crucial for effective decision making.

This course will focus on the process of data analysis in great detail staring from the requirements, collection, processing, cleaning to communication and effective analysis techniques. Finally the course will also emphasize on the potential barriers to effective products in the field of data analytics. All of this right here at the Data Analytics course in Rohini, Delhi.

This exceptional course offered by Trulabz Technologies would provide an outstanding set of expertise which would aid an individual’s career in this highly competitive labor market. Such a course would put a potential employee in a unique place between business and Information Technology, an employee with such a skill would become an asset to any company whicrh would further ensure the job security of an employee. The knowledge and skills offered are must haves for people who aim to become business, shareholder or budget analystsor developers and always handy for free lancers. Entrepreneur themselves would benefit a lot especially in term of lower costs by this knowledge.

After Data Analytics - Career Opportunities

1.Data Scientist

2.Business Analyst

3.Data/Analytics Manager

4.Business Intelligence Manager

5.Data Administrator



Course Duration: 2 Months
Prerequisite: Excel
Batches : Weekdays/Weekends
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