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How to Make Money from Youtube Videos

It’s nice to be a YouTuber, especially when you are looking forward to making money out of your youtube videos. Mostly, that is the main purpose why people are getting inclined towards making youtube videos. Apart from that, video promotional stuff for the company’s products and services are also a very important factor. Online video promotions, mainly using the YouTube platform is one of the most vital techniques of the latest trend Digital Marketing. Now,  only making videos and publishing it on Youtube is not going to help much. The first condition it has to satisfy, which is the quality of the video. The video quality should be really good to make the viewers keep engaged in your video.


How the Money-Making Process Take Place?

To make money through Youtube videos, you need a minimum of 1000 subscribers with a 4000 watch time at your channel in the past one year. When you fulfill these criteria, you will be eligible for monetizing your Youtube channel. Thereafter, you need to link Google Adsense with your Youtube channel. After that, Google Adsense will send a confirmation letter to your home address along with a secret PIN. Once you verify the PIN online through your Adsense account, you are all set to show the ads on your Youtube videos and start earning money.

So, as you can see through it looks so simple, it is not that simple in reality. It takes time, dedication, and a proper strategy to earn through Youtube videos.

The Job is Still Not Over

Just imagine, your channel is already monetized. But you will still not earn money if people don’t watch your videos! To earn money you need permanent viewers to watch your videos regularly and also the subscription, likes and comments should keep increasing. Once your video ranks on Youtube and also on Google search engine, you will get more traffic to your channel.

Some Factors Affecting Youtube Ranking

Sometimes you can rank your videos on Youtube very soon,  within a day or two. But sometimes, it can take more than a month. Youtube is currently the second most popular search engine after Google. Let’s discuss some of the major factors for ranking on top of the search engine.

Make Good Quality Videos

Now the question is what do you mean by a good quality video? A good quality video is a video that has good sound and visual effects, represented with a professional video editing, and has really useful content. For the content part, you need to be creative or an expert in some particular niche and keep uploading new videos on that particular topic on a regular basis. For the sound and visual effects and the editing part, you need to undergo training by the real-time experts who can provide you with the practical, hands-on experience to make viewer engaging, stunning videos.

In this regard, you can definitely get in touch  with the real-time experts who provide the following courses

  • Video editing course in Pitampura
  • Video editing course in Rohini
  •  Video editing course in Delhi

Do a Proper Keyword Research and Use SEO techniques


Proper keyword research will give you the exact list of keywords, which people search the most. You can use free keyword search tools like Google Keyword Planner, Uber Suggest, Keyword Everywhere or just type in the Youtube search bar, and you will get a lot of suggested keywords for some particular topic. But,  the paid tools such as Ahref, Semrush, Moz, Spyfu, Senuke Tang Pro can give you the best results.

Some Useful SEO techniques for Youtube Ranking


  • Use Meta Tags
  • Use keywords as much as you can in the video description
  • Use Closed Captions and if possible, then try to include keywords in the closed captions
  • Use Attractive Title and also the title must contain the keyword

Apart from these techniques, thumbnails, video sharing on social media, link sharing on newsletters and some more factors are there that help in earning through Youtube Videos.

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